Is there an initial payment to start?

Yes, an initial payment of 50% is required in order to start the website project. The other 50% will be due and charged through an invoice by the 30th day or at the moment the fully functional version of the website is delivered. If for any reason the website is totally finished and the final payment is not received, there would be a 5% interest ($55) charge for EVERY month of non payment of the website for the first 3 months, after the third month the website will be removed from our servers.

Will you provide all text and images for my site?

Yes temporarily, you are required to provide all text, pictures and video content for the website (Dummy pictures and text will be used as place holders) if you are happy with the images used in the site, you are more than welcome to keep them but the text will have to be provided.

In how long will my website be ready?

The development time frame is 30 days for custom websites and 15 days for pre made themes from the moment the website concept is approved. Website concepts and previews are presented to you in about a week from the moment we receive the initial payment.

What if I decide not to continue with the website?

In the event of cancellation at any point, we will be compensated with the initial deposit.  Upon cancellation all rights to the website revert to us.

Can I customize my website?

Yes, you can easily change text and images as simple as drag and drop since we use wordpress to build our websites. At the end we will provide you with a video tutorial on how to change the content of your site.

Can you add more features to my website?

Yes, we can add more features to your website besides what is listed in the pricing chart above. we can add almost anything you need including but not limited to events page, food menus, ticketing systems etc. There will be a fee depending on the complexity of your request.

Can I host the website myself?

Yes, although is not the best option since we won’t be able to provide you with support with any issues you might encounter in the future like server problems, out of date plugins, backups and so on. If you do decide to host the website yourself, we would then build the site in our server, once it is ready to go we will then transfer it to your host provider. You would have to be sure your hosting provider is reliable and has their system up to date.

Is my website hosted in a shared server?

Yes if you are not really looking to do SEO or installing plugins and trying to customize the website yourself, plus you will save $125 on the first year of hosting. But if you want to do all the things mentioned earlier we also offer an independent server option for $250 per year where you will have total access and be free to do as you like while we make sure that the server is always running smoothly. Keep in mind that since you will have total access we can no longer be responsible for the things you do to it after we provide you with the functional website, if you break the site by mistake we can always fix it by reverting back to a previous state of the site, which is usually a back up from a few days back for just $50. We also provide SEO services, please contact us for more details.

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