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Broken crayons still color

It is common that in childhood, we are continually painting with crayons, drawing the world around us and the experiences we have every day. These crayons become an essential tool for our first works of art. They are so valuable that we do not care if they are worn out or if they break, the important thing is that they continue to color our imagination. When a crayon broke, it meant the multiplication of joy, since I could have more crayons for my collection or to share them with my brothers or my friends and have someone to draw with.

Photo: Natchapon Nilsonti

At some point, we have had difficult situations in life, such as the loss of a family member, a love break, the loss of a job, the failure of a business, among other situations that have made our world turn its head. These situations are similar to when we broke the crayons when we were children, at first we felt bad because we thought that the crayon was not going to paint anymore, but when we tried it on a sheet of paper it was still scratching as before. Life is like that, no matter what problems or failures we have, growth will continue. The important thing in these cases is to learn from mistakes so as not to make them again and take these situations as experiences that will help us achieve success. After we broke a crayon by error, we learned that we should be more careful when painting; therefore, we should take all these situations as life lessons.

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