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On Saturday November 3rd i finally decided to give it a try and paint something on photoshop. I have always enjoyed drawing on paper specially during class in school jeje but ever since I started learning about photoshop and the amazing things you can do with it, I started seeing amazing pieces of art all done on photoshop, ever since then, I have always been interested on drawing something, I was having this urge to paint something but never did. Finally on Saturday November 3rd 2012 I decided to try it out. It took me about 8 hours to finish the artwork but it was worth the time, it was a great experience and I learned a lot, hopefully I will be making more paintings soon but next time it will be one of my own. Ever since I watched Tron, I was obsessed with it since it was so reach in details the color palette (blue & black ) got my attention. I loved this movie so much, I even bought it when it came out on DVD, something I do with a couple of movies I consider my favortes. Finally when I decided to paint tron, I was looking for an image painted by a professional so I can learn and try to figure out how it was done. Finally I came across http://www.sheridanj.daportfolio.com/gallery/170083#7 and so I decided that this was the piece I was going to paint. Obviously my piece is not as good as the author but I think is pretty close. The one problem I ran into was painting the hair, I still need a lot of practice in order to come close to the way she painted the hair, but overall, I am pretty happy with it and most important of all, it encouraged me to continue draawing and painting, something I had long forgotten.

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